About Me

I am driven by my passion for the Natural Environment. The images you see are natural: it is the taking of the images that matters, not the manipulation of them. I act spontaneously by creating photographs that capture sublime and ephemeral moments through the lens, hoping to encourage people to examine the natural beauty of their environment by interpreting, in their own way, the everyday things that we overlook and may take for granted.
After years of photographing and studying nature in all its forms as ideas for paintings, I now use the camera as a painter uses a brush, sometimes capturing an image beyond that moment of recognition to an abstract form, capturing light and patterns in nature, going deeper into the unconscious to a place which is not instantly seen.

In 2003 I studied Art Foundation at South Trafford College and graduated in 2008 from Salford University with a Visual Arts BA (hons). Since then I have established myself as an Artist working from my lovely studio in my garden in Sale.